Alex Valadez a.k.a. Lexx began as a hobbyist until actively pursing the profession in '09. Past art, drafting, and photography skills fuel his imagination, as the clients happiness continues to drive him. By 2012, House of Lexx was officially open and has continually grown. Enjoying all styles of tattooing his goals are to learn more hyperrealism techniques. He loves what he does, but still prides himself as a businessman first.



Gabe Rocha began tattooing in 2010, with continually growing passion to become better. By 2012, Gabe found a prominent position in a establishment located in the Rockford, IL area. In 2014 he began working at House of Lexx becoming an encouraging part of the team. His strengths are B&G shade and line work, with a future goal of capturing more Horror Realism and Fine Art.



Kahlahana Woods aka K.Woods, began tattooing around mid-2013 at the House of Lexx. Her strengths as an artist are line work and Stipple. Future goals are to increase her skill and techniques in artwork styles of greyshade and watercolor.



Teagan Squires has been been in love with body modifications since she was a small child and began professionally pursuing after piercing a friend in 2007. The experience of their happiness and excitement gave her the clarification that this was indeed her calling. As a piercer, she feels it is about making people feel good in their own skin, and a giving a sense of confidence. As long as Teagan is able she wishes to help people express themselves, not just with jewelry but also with art, as she begins to explore tattooing. Continuing to leave customers with experiences and art that will last a lifetime.



Maria Aiello has around 11 years experience and enjoys working with colors to make tattoos more vivid. Still, she is not afraid of Black and Grey, with goals for more Realism pieces. She loves the continuous learning of tattooing and is excited to see her talent grow. With clients, she hopes to create a fun and comfortable experience. After all, tattoos are a life experience that she wishes to make a great one.



Lee Mckittrick of Beloit, grew up the son of a well respected paint and show car specialist. Since the age of 4, his obsession for art has aided in building for himself a career while mastering many art forms. Lee has utilized his skillset in teaching classes for auto airbrush/wall murals, realistic drawings and watercolor paintings. By 2016, the 15 year Tattoo veteran has specialized in Color, Black and Grey, Tribal, Realism, Traditional, and Cover-ups. He is best known for custom designed pieces and custom Freehand work.



Cassandra Nelson aka Sandra, began an apprenticshelp in Rockford prior to acquiring her posistion at House of Lexx Tattoo in 2016. As a student of Tattooing she is eager for the experience and training the industry has to offer. Her current strengths as an artist include lettering and watercolor with goals set on conquering Black and Grey realism. The latest addition to the House of Lexx, she is an active talent determined to expand her creativity and portfolio.